Cherie From Raffles Institution(JC)

2018 H2 Chemistry

My chemistry used to be very unstable such that my lowest grade was S and highest was B. However they tend to fluctuate at the lower grades (C-S) as I was not clear with the concepts. Nearing A levels, I decided I needed help and Alice was my lifesaver. She helped me to be more consistent in my work as well as explained all that I didn’t understand simply. What I liked about Alice is that she is patient with explaining concepts that you do not understand. Her teaching style was very compatible with me as her constant paper practices helped me to be more confident in tackling various types of questions. With constant drilling, I eventually got an A for chemistry in A levels. Alice was a very bright and patient teacher and I would definitely recommend her if you need help in chemistry.

Dear Alice,

Thank you for teaching my daughter Valent helping her to prepare Bio for her O lvl. It was very last min which started only 2 wks aft her prelims exams and honestly I thought it won’t do much help, but to my surprised Valent got an A2 for the first time in her life, having to fail Bio (E8) and never had passed this subject before, I should say this is a miracle. 

You are patient, organised teacher who develops inspiring relationships with your student. Your talent of teaching simple concepts made learning experience more enjoyable. 

You are absolutely awesome, it’s a pleasure having u as my daughter’s tutor and I wish u all the best in your career. 😊

Valent's Mum O level Pure Biology. 2018

Ms Alice is a wonderful and caring teacher who is very passionate about teaching and helping her students to improve. I was failing my chemistry terribly, always getting F9. However, with ms Alice’s careful guidance, I was able to get an A2 in the O level examinations. I was very stressed before the o level examinations but her constant encouragement had motivated me to do my best and I managed to achieve results I had never thought I would be able to achieve. I believe that she is able to lead her students to do much better in their studies and reach their full potential.

Kieron From Temesak Secondary School 2018 O Level Chemistry

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