JC Chemistry December Holiday Crash Course (2020)

Power Chemistry Crash Course is designed for you as a one-stop go-to-course for a thorough understanding of all JC1 topics. This course strongly focuses on helping you to apply the essential concepts in the syllabus through comprehension of the concepts, not merely memorisation of theory and equations. Through understanding the whys and hows of the chapter, there is no need to get frustrated and bored with memorising, and it also makes applying concepts in application-based questions much easier. For template-based answers, there will be some memory tips given wherever possible to aid students. This course will cover the key question types that you need to master to be able to attempt 70% (A) of the questions correctly.  This course is suitable for anyone that would like to build a solid foundation for JC1 Chemistry topics.

Students may join the course in 2 ways:

- Convenient Online Live Lesson

- Physical Lesson at Orchard Plaza


Both options will allow students to interact live with the tutor, one-to-one after class consultation benefit, and access to recorded lessons.

*Free 1-1 online follow up consultations for all students


FULL Money Back Guarantee!

If you find the course unsuitable after attending day one's course you can be fully re-funded with no questions asked.

Power Chemistry has a team of highly qualified teachers for Maths and Physics as well, find out more below!