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Alice_Chemistry Tutor.JPG

Tutor Alice

Ms Alice specialises in ‘A’ Level Chemistry. With over 12 years of experience in the industry, she has spent years condensing the syllabus into concise notes and mind-maps to help students understand and remember the concepts easily. She also refines her database of questions to ensure that students are exposed to the commonly asked questions as they will help students to improve and ace their exams within a short period of time. 

For a snapshot of how Ms Alice approaches and solves chemistry questions, please follow Power Chemistry on instagram:

Her passion in guiding students can be seen from her patience and the extra time she puts in for each student. To her, every student is unique and have unrealised potential. She will help to unearth the potential and hone their skills till they shine! 

Through the years of teaching, Ms Alice understands that some students face some roadblocks in life (emotional/life problems) that might affect their academic performance and such students are recommended to have 1-1 consultations with Ms Alice to seek help or guidance as she has a methodology to help you!

Schedule & Fee

Online Group Tuition (2 hours per session)

Secondary Group Tuition:

  • Sec 3 Chemistry: $70 per session

  • Sec 4 Chemistry: $75 per session

2022 Upper Secondary Class Schedule

Time Slot
Sec 3 (Punggol/Online)
Sunday 10am - 12am
Sec 4 (Punggol/Online)
Saturday 9am - 11am

JC Group Tuition:

  • JC 1 Chemistry: $80 per session

  • JC 2 Chemistry: $90 per session

2024 JC Class Schedule

Time Slot
JC 1 (Online)
Saturday 5 - 7pm
JC 2 (Online)
Saturday 11am - 130pm
Cherie_Alice_H2 Chemistry Student.jpeg

Cherie from Raffles Institution(JC)

2018 H2 Chemistry

My chemistry used to be very unstable such that my lowest grade was S and highest was B. However they tend to fluctuate at the lower grades (C-S) as I was not clear with the concepts. Nearing A levels, I decided I needed help and Alice was my lifesaver. She helped me to be more consistent in my work as well as explained all that I didn’t understand simply. What I liked about Alice is that she is patient with explaining concepts that you do not understand. Her teaching style was very compatible with me as her constant paper practices helped me to be more confident in tackling various types of questions. With constant drilling, I eventually got an A for chemistry in A levels. Alice was a very bright and patient teacher and I would definitely recommend her if you need help in chemistry.

Ms Alice's enduring patience and genuine compassion are what makes her exceptional as a tutor. Under her guidance, she has helped me gain confidence and attain mastery in H2 Chemistry. Her meticulous organisation of notes and mindmaps greatly simplified the diversity of concepts in Inorganic Chemistry and allowed for easy visualisation of the relationships between various organic compounds. With her help, my chemistry grades dramatically improved from a D in my JC2 Prelims to an A for the A Levels. Under the guidance of Ms Alice, I am sure her students will be inspired to improve in their studies and reach their fullest potential.

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-21 at 1.44.47 PM.

Lim Jin Feng from River Valley High School

2019 H2 Chemistry

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-21 at 1.45.45 PM.

Si Thu Soe from Catholic Junior College

2019 H2 Chemistry

I started my tuition classes with Ms Alice after my prelim exams. I obtained an S for my prelims and realised that I seriously needed some help since A levels is in 2 months time. Hence, I started looking online for tutors and found Ms Alice. Thus, I contacted her and started our classes as soon as possible. She immediately looked into my weakness and tackle them. At the same time, encouraging me to continue working hard as there’s still time for improvements. She constantly provided help throughout the period, even if it is in the middle of the night or the night right before my A level papers. She never failed to ensure that I understand each concept that she explained, allowing me to frame better answers in the future. She also provided me with huge loads of materials to help me further, which includes other school papers and mindmaps that she made it herself, which allows me to remember the contents more efficiently. With all the efforts that she had put in to my progress, I have managed to jump 5 grades and achieved an A for my A levels exams in just 2 months time. Thank you Ms Alice for the constant guidance and support throughout this crucial period.

Ms Alice always put our learning first. She never fails to fully explain the learning points or even look back and further refine her point if necessary. She is a real educator who puts her students first and does so passionately. Joining her class is a great decision!

Ray 2.png

Ray Ng from Jurong Pioneer Junior College

2020 H2 Chemistry

meng zhen 2.png

Meng Zhen from Catholic Junior College

May 2020 Crash Course

Ms Zhao explains the chemistry concepts clearly and she ensures to explain in detail which makes understanding concepts much easier! Her notes are also very concise with ample examples and problems for practice. She's also able to clear my doubts I had for chem!

Dear Alice,

Thank you for teaching my daughter Valent helping her to prepare Bio for her O lvl. It was very last min which started only 2 wks aft her prelims exams and honestly I thought it won’t do much help, but to my surprised Valent got an A2 for the first time in her life, having to fail Bio (E8) and never had passed this subject before, I should say this is a miracle. 

You are patient, organised teacher who develops inspiring relationships with your student. Your talent of teaching simple concepts made learning experience more enjoyable. 

You are absolutely awesome, it’s a pleasure having u as my daughter’s tutor and I wish u all the best in your career. 😊

Valent's Testimony on Tutor Alice.jpeg

Valent's Mum O level Pure Biology. 2018

Kieron Alice O level Chemistry Student.j

Kieron From Temesak Secondary School 2018 O Level Chemistry

Ms Alice is a wonderful and caring teacher who is very passionate about teaching and helping her students to improve. I was failing my chemistry terribly, always getting F9. However, with ms Alice’s careful guidance, I was able to get an A2 in the O level examinations. I was very stressed before the o level examinations but her constant encouragement had motivated me to do my best and I managed to achieve results I had never thought I would be able to achieve. I believe that she is able to lead her students to do much better in their studies and reach their full potential.



Spring College International, 
512 Bishan Street 13, Singapore 570512

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